Heid Erdrich | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 63

PRO11_IMG_ErdrichHei_PROFILE“Boring a child is one of the kindest things you can do to a child.”

Teacher and poet Heid Erdrich talks about the solitary work of writing poetry. She talks about becoming a curator of work by visual artist due to her desire to collaborate with more artists. Heid talks about how curating can be just another means of telling stories. She also talks about her upcoming cookbook as being just another frame for storytelling.

“I wanted to collaborate more and I realized that curating was a collaboration.”

Heid talks about putting together public performances and how she loves the ephemeral nature of live performance. She talks about her kids changing her relationship to public art, like sculpture.

“Mostly home working means we’re constantly interrupted.”

Heid talks about how she’s moved to live near her sisters and their families and how that’s become a recreation of the family she group up in. She talks about the importance of community and how she’s created a community where she lived but also a community of artists and creative people with whom she can do work. Heid also talks about unrealistic idea of a work/life balance.

“Let them, just, run wild and figure out how to survive in various situation.”

Heid talks about being raised by an artistic mother and a literary father and how that impacted her relationship to making things. She talks about how being one of seven children made her fight for attention, which expressed itself through creativity and performance.

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