Eric Webster | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 32

eric webster“There was never an idea or plan that I would get married, have a kid, or even have a kid in my life”

Actor, voice-over performer, producer, teacher, writer, and step dad Eric Webster talks about working in radio and realizing that the other on-air guys were being performers more than just being themselves on air. He shares how loving playing sports is very different than loving talking about sports on the radio. And Eric shares a story of the time he had Gilligan and Mary Ann on his sports talk show, much to the displeasure of his boss.

“When I left sports broadcasting it wasn’t sad for everybody”

Eric talks about going to his first theater audition to learn about how auditions work and being surprised to find himself cast in a show. And about how much he enjoys acting on a stage and the power he’s seen in being able to listen to his fellow actors while performing in a show.

“I think we’ve all agreed that teaching your kid how to smoke is bad”

Eric shares how while growing up his parents ceded the entire basement to him and his cohorts. And how that made him realize they’d found a way to keep an eye on him while he thought he had complete freedom.

“You put up with me and all of this crap that I did because you love my mother”

Eric talks about being a step dad. He shares how long it took him to realize what his step dad meant to his mother while he was growing up and how that influences his approach to being someone’s step dad. Plus, Eric talks about the joy and surprise he experiences at getting the opportunity to become a parent when he thought that was never going to happen for him.

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