Enterprise Agreements In Progress

The status column contains information on the progress of the application as follows: This page contains a list of applications for approval or amendment of a company agreement currently being examined by the Fair Work Commission. Learn more about registered agreements, including where to find one and how to create one. Minimum working conditions may come from agreements, rewards or registered laws. Company negotiations are the process used to negotiate company agreements with public sector employees and workers` organizations. Find out about the status of negotiations on the State Government Entities Certified Agreement replacement agreement. If your application has been submitted in advance, you can check the status of your agreement by sending an email to the Commission`s contract team under agreementsprogressenquiry@fwc.gov.au. Enterprise agreements aim to facilitate flexibility, efficiency and productivity in the public sector. Laws to extend the choice of pension fund to more employees under company agreements and employment provisions became effective on 3 September 2020. We recommend that our coal mine workers (CMW) regularly visit this website to be informed of the progress of the agreement. The government and the trade union parties will continue to advance the demands of the policy order. The Palaszczuk government is currently negotiating with public sector unions a series of new collective agreements for the public public sector. Commissioner Thompson accepted TQ`s request and made the transfer on the same day. The case is now assigned to a Full Bench and listed for executive hearings.

The Labour Relations Office will manage the arbitration on behalf of the government. If you have any questions about the conduct of the arbitration proceedings, please contact your union or the relevant IR/ER team at your agency. The Government remains committed to confirming a basic replacement agreement as soon as possible and, to this end, remains open to discussions with union negotiators on all matters that can be resolved outside the arbitration procedure. . . .

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