Emily and Josh Jabas | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 70


“You slap a wig on me, I’ll talk to you all day!”

Actors Emily and Josh Jabas talk about how theater is what brought them to one another and the challenges parenthood has presented in trying to continue making theater. Josh and Emily talk about how sharing a circle of friends made their relationship easier at the start. And they talk about how Josh does straight plays while Emily leans towards musicals and interactive theater, which is why they haven’t been on stage together.

“It’s this thing that has sort of found me at different parts of my life.”

Disney2012Josh talks about his early work putting on magic shows as a young person. He shares how he has moved in and out of doing theater work his entire life and how that ebbing and flowing relationship still continues today. And Josh shares what creative outlets he’s able to maintain amidst the daily demands of life.

“Theater majors have this range of talents that they can stretch.”

Emily talks about how her theater training and background helps her hide the fact that she has “no real skills.” She talks about deciding whether or not to pursue a career in education. And Emily talks about making the move to a full time day job and becoming more selective about what theater projects she’ll work on in the two years since she’s become a mother.



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