Elly Grzesiak | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 86

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1376536_10201344799636584_1330144014_n“I’m Canadian so I kind of like the small town feel of Minnesota life.”

Writer and producer Elly Grzesiak talks about going from studying and working in the field of Astrophysics to writing theater and being a puppeteer. She shares how she avoided pursuing doing the creative works she loved because it didn’t seem like a real career. And she talks about how her daughter’s early medical issues informed some of her creative work.

YoungWritersSeriesGRZESIAK“Greatest frustration ever when dealing with crime procedurals is when you’re told to dumb down the science.” 

Elly talks about how effective it’s been for her to work from home as a writer, which allows her to be more available to her daughter. She also talks about the unusual nature of writing on shows that are produced other places and how that has allowed her to write without much interruption from notes or production challenges. She also talks about wanting to foster a return to film and television production in the Twin Cities.

1781883_10202072756235044_1865812360_n“If you’re working on Children’s shows, you go a little bit wonky after a while.”

Elly talks about her new project, Funporium. She shares how it was a pet project that she kept ignoring for more regular work but it kept finding it’s way back on the top of her to do list. She talks about how exciting and powerful it can be to pull together really talented people and just let them work without trying to make them fit typical ideas about who or what should happen on television shows.

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