Elissa Cedarleaf Dahl | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 134

elissa cedarleaf dahl“It’s impossible to be 100 percent in the moment with your children all the time.”

Visual artist and educator Elissa Cedarleaf Dahl is the latest guest. She talks about reclaiming her family name, creating potluck meals and making art in a shared space, and raising a 4 and 1 year old and how that results in something like ADHD.

“A lot of my work is about relationships that I make with people and doing art together.”

Elissa also talks about the ways a mother’s body physically adjusts to the demands of motherhood, the time it takes to do community-based art projects, and the way some people do or don’t talk about parenthood. She also touches on the challenges of being ready to be a productive creative person in the narrow windows of time you can create for making work.

“Those days when I could go for a run, paint for a few hours and then go to the Salvation Army… the idea of free will is a far off target.”

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