David Lewis | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 53

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“I always wanted to impress girls but I had no talent”

Director of Career & Alumni Services at McNally Smith David Lewis talks about becoming a concert promoter at age 15 mostly in an attempt to meet girls.  He talks about being driven by punk ideals in the creation and promotion of art. David talks about being in film school and realizing that he wasn’t a filmmaker.

“Art school taught me that I didn’t really have any interest in becoming an artist”

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David talks about transition from being a promoter of music and art to working in education. He talks about seeing his talented musician and artist friends who were awful at the business sides of their work where he had more ability. David talks about the creativity behind telling the stories of the artists he would be promoting for or working with.


“A year and a half later you might get a check but you needed to buy diapers right then and there”

David talks about spending a decade as a band and comedy promoter and how that work needed to end once he became a dad. He talks about the stress his first baby coupled with a demanding and heavy hours job put on his relationship with his wife. He talks about making decisions based on family being the central part of his life rather than work and how that was only possible because he didn’t feel like he had a lot left to prove with his work.

“I care about my career, I care way more about my family”

David comes about the relief that comes with having people to care about more than himself. He talks about trying to communicate with young people that they can have a successful career in the arts without the amplified self-destructive elements that are often so glorified in the art world.

“If success is about making great work then now is a great time to be doing these things”

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