Dave Olson | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 131

wFH-0008“I don’t think any of us thought we were going to do kids music. It was one of those rare opportunities.”

Dave Olson talks about writing and producing a rap song to help a young girl with autism and how that led spending a year in Madison writing a rap record for kids. He shares the story of how making a kid’s album led to his music act, Figureheads, becoming a touring kid’s touring entertainment group and ultimately became a non-profit organization focused on inclusion and literacy. Dave also talks about following his musical ambitions from Minneapolis to Madison to Milwaukee.

“How little can I work so I can work on music.”

Dave talks about transitioning to being a writer, producer, and performing of kid’s music to building a career as a commercial audio engineer and composer. He talks about making music for television and radio as well as working with clients like the San Antonio Spurs, the Milwaukee Brewers, and ESPN.

IMG_9155“I think maybe when you get into your 40s you shouldn’t be a kids hip-hop act.”

Dave also talks about changing the focus of his work, in part, to help normalize his schedule so that he can be more consistently available at home. He talks about shared parenting duties and about wanting to teach his kids how to make music and make things in general.


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