Dan Kois | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 138

Dan Kois“I have found ways to exploit all the things I am good at and the things I’m okay at.”

Dan Kois is co-host of Slate’s Mom & Dad Are Fighting podcast and Slate’s culture editor. On this episode of the podcast Dan talks about the idea that parents and the adults in children’s lives tell us what we are good at when we’re young and how large an impact that can have on their adult paths. He talks about what it’s like to have a daughter very much like you and what it’s like to have a daughter who is very different from you. Dan also talks about trying to explain how much hard work it takes to actually do creative things.

Dan shares stories of the tension of whether to push your kids to stick with something when they lose interest versus letting them move on from something and how that can inform ways young people think about hard work. And he get’s into questions of how much to share about your kids publicly.

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