Damian Johnson | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 42

damian2 (2)“I’ve have this side of me that needs to put myself in front of an audience, for God knows what reason”

Improviser and educator Damian Johnson attempts to feed and tend to his daughter while carrying on a conversation about his work and life. He talks about his love of writing and poetry as a young person. Damian shares stories of regretting not being a more productive writer while in elementary school. Plus, Damian shares how his interest in a girl may have fueled his interest in writing poetry.

“I use my fancy performing skills to make science fun”

Damian talks about moving away from writing and discovering a love for improvisational theater. He talks about using his improv skills to teach as well as teaching others how to be improvisers. And, Damian talks about how after he became an improviser that also become the main art form he consumed as well.

“We want our daughter Ruby to see us doing things that we love”

Damian talks about his desire to create things for the sake of creation as well as the part of him that wants to be in front of an audience and how improvising can feed both of those creative parts of him. And he talks about how improvising lets him be a writer and a performer without having to choose one over the other.

damian2 (1)






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