Cory Hinkle | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 46

cory hinkle“My perception of everything has changed since becoming a parent”

Cory talks about starting out as an actor and transitioning into playwriting. He talks about being a part of Workhaus collective and the motivations behind pulling together as a group of playwrights to help get each others work made. And he talks about what he’s learned about marketing a show by having to produce the work of so many other playwrights.

“I just keep writing the plays that come out of me and that I want to write”

Cory talks about how he discovers ideas by writing and about how he can’t understand what he’s writing about until he’s gotten into the writing. He talks about realizing after completing a play that it was directly informed by recent occurrences in personal relationships. He talks about being embarrassed as a young writer by what his plays were revealing about himself and how that has flipped as he’s gotten deeper in to his career.

“I don’t really have so much time to indulge this because Silas just peed on everything”

Cory talks about his shifting view of divorce as he’s become a dad and as friends have started getting divorced. Cory talks about the difficulty in articulating how differently he sees the world as a parent without seemingly like an annoying parent talking about how “amazing” everything is now that he has children.

“The thing about my dad is he hated being an accountant”

Cory talks about his ideas of adulthood and career as a teenager. He talks about discovering theater at the end of High School and then discovering playwriting while in college. Cory talks about getting more in touch with his voice as a writer the further away he gets from graduate school. He also talks about how looking back on his writing from before he was a dad he can see a different point of view.

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