Charlie Van Stee | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 75


“I wanted to quit playing music because it grates on me, in a way.”

Musician and front man from the band Van Stee, Charlie Van Stee, talks about trying to keep collaboration equal when the band is named after him. Charlie talks about working with musicians and a producer who push him beyond his creative comfort zones and why that’s a good thing. And he talks about shifting ideas about what success means.

VAN STEE FRONT DOWNLOAD“Oh, wait a second, this feeling only lasts for two days.”

Charlie talks about studying cello as a child and getting into music even though it wasn’t a big part of his parent’s lives. He talks about the limited work opportunities for someone who has put almost all of his energy into playing music. And he talks about getting media coverage as a band before they had settled into a distinctive identity.

“What I learned was how to be ignored by people and be okay with that.”

Charlie talks about how his responsibilities as a father influence decisions about not going on tour as a band. He also talks about writing songs for and about his daughter. And Charlie shares how his thinking about legacy and mortality have changed.

Here’s a link to the song wrote Charlie inspired by fatherhood- “Better Man”

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