Carrie Thompson | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 25

“For me it is easier to deal with the world when I’m trying to make art about it”

Photographer Carrie Thompson about how having a mother who is a painter made her move from painting to photography a subtle act of rebellion.

Having a child is insane”

Carrie talks about how personal making art is and how she doesn’t know how to make art that isn’t personal and full of heart. She talks about how the focus on theory in art school can get in the way of actually making work.

Carrie talks about being able to hide behind her camera when working on personal things and how that tool serves as a way to communicate and understand very personal things but also serves as a way of avoiding dealing with those very personal things.

Carries talks about using the people in her life to try and tell universal stories and get at universal ideas. And talks about how expectations for how a moment or a project will go never line up with how things end up and how that connects to parental expectations.

“This is going to change my life for ever and it’s going to be amazing, but its also going to change my life forever

She talks about her ongoing search for the idea of “home” as well as the physical representation of “home.” And about being a mother and raising a child while not being in a romantic partnership with her son’s father.

Photo by: Carrie Thompson


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