Brian Wecht | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 143

Prof Wecht“Your job is to constantly throw out ideas and 99% of them fail.”

Brian Wecht is a musician, comedian, and theoretical physicist. He’s held research positions at Harvard University, the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT, the Institute for Advanced Study and was a faculty member at Queen Mary, University of London. He’s also half of the musical comedy duo “Ninja Sex Party,” a member of the nerdcore band “Starbomb,” and co-founder of the Story Collider, a live science-based storytelling podcast.

Ninja Sex Party“Essentially, I asked my wife to give up her career.”

Brian talks about stepping away from academics to focus on comedy and music and what that decision means for his family and his identity. He talks about how force of personality can be just as powerful and effective in the academic world as in the entertainment world. And he talks about studying improvised comedy while he was pursuing his PhD in Theoretical Physics.

Baby Ninja Brian


Brian talks about his love of music from a very early age. He shares the story of how comedy and music became one for him as an artist. Brian also talks about how fatherhood impacts the way he thinks about jokes and failure.

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