Brendan Kelly (BK-One) | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 49

IMG_8090“Being a dad is kinda awesome. It’s way better than when I worked at Best Buy”

DJ, producer, record collector, and musician Brendan Kelly, aka BK-One, talks about growing up learning music, obsessing about records, stumbling into DJing and becoming a stay at home dad.

“Every big thing I’ve ever done I’ve been underqualified for”

Talks about spending a decade as a touring DJ and then deciding that fatherhood meant the end of being a touring musician. Brendan talks about the difficulty in creating structure when his only job was music. And Brendan talks about deciding if and how he could keep making music as a stay at home dad.

BK one_0018“I have trouble being productive unless there’s too much to do”

Brendan talks about the business model of an independent musician and the strengths and weaknesses it carries. He talks about the role of the DJ in a rap performance and what it means to be focused on making someone else look good. Brendan also talks about his early obsession with music and records and how that unintentionally moved him into the work of being a DJ.

“I just want to model for them how I got to the things I care about”

Brendan talks about how his identity would change based on whether he was a touring musician or a guy at home or a dad. He talks about his focus as a parent on showing his kids how to care about things rather that what things to care about. Brendan also talks about learning from the other artists he worked with who were already parents about how that might impact his career.

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