Art Allen | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 144


“The timing was ridiculous.”

Art Allen, through his company called Modern Antics, plans fun, experiential events like a pun slam competition called Pundamonium, a beard competition called Beard-Off, and a live interactive puzzle game called Riddle Room. He’s also in the 2nd year of putting on a fundraising concert called GOOFDA that features Minnesota musicians performing classic novelty songs.

“I wish comedy people liked me for these comedy sketches I haven’t written.”

In this episode of the podcast, Art talks about how he went from a guy who wanted to write comedy to putting on live events that typically create a space for comedy things to happen. He talks about taking an idea for building a starship bridge and actually making it a reality. And he shares a bit on what it feels like to now spend so much of his time doing administrative and business focused tasks.

Art also talks about his love of comedy, how closely he relates to the character Max Fischer from the film ‘Rushmore,’ and opens up about how he handles working long hours and traveling for work while having a brand new baby at home.


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