Aric McKeown | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 150

10730933_10152646832600800_4779600305955428686_n“Maybe there’s a way to do something that’s well established, but maybe I’m going to build my own path.”

Aric McKeown is an improviser, a podcaster, and a serial creator of interesting internet projects like; Regret Labs, Mustache Rangers, Blank It, NoisePicnic, Better Strangers, Least Dangerous Game, Make Me Watch TV, Your Notness, and Feeding Objects.

In High School, Aric decided to become a vegetarian to see if he could maintain it.

Aric talks about how he reacts to frustration with creative solutions and ideas. He talks about his willingness to teach himself how to do any and everything needed to make an idea a reality.

Aric talks very openly about the process of adopting his daughter and becoming a father. He shares how his thinking has changed since fatherhood has also made his family trans-racial. And Aric talks a lot about how he wants to prepare himself to share as much of the world as possible with his daughter.


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