Andy Krueger | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 83

063_krueger_2012“It’s really important and very valuable to be able to meet the artists who make the work.”

Andy Krueger is the founder of the St. Paul Craftstravaganza, an urban arts and crafts show held annually at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Andy talks about having his primary creative work be something that is largely in the service of other people’s creative work. And he talks about the tension between the idea of “art” and the idea of “crafts.”

“I’ve always identified as an artist.”

Andy talks about his love of making comics and how that’s been a constant in his life from childhood until today. He talks about the struggle to find time to make his own creative work amidst a day job, Craftstravaganza, and fatherhood. And he shares how happy it makes him to see his daughter get joy out of drawing.

“We have a general idea of when things need to get done.”

Andy talks about working with his wife on a large event and how that impacts their partnership as parents as well as their relationship in general. He talks about having to change how he works after becoming a parent, specifically how waiting until the last minute is less of an option. And he shares how every decision about his time and energy have gained significance.


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