Andrew Zimmern | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 65

AZ_crab“He just learned this year that not every dad goes away 30 weeks a year for work.”

Chef, writer, TV maker Andrew Zimmern talks about how traveling for work 30 weeks a year puts pressure on his family. He talks about how his being away a lot is normal for his son but still has very noticeable impacts on their relationship. And Andrew talks about how his son is aware that he can get more fun things and activities out of dad because he is gone so frequently.

“Starting when I was five years old everyone knew I was going to be in the food business.”

Andrew talks about being a precocious five-year old who took food way too seriously. He shares a story of ending up at Paul Bocuse restaurant in Lyon, France at age 13 and ordering in a way that brought the famous chef out to meet him.

“Nobody wants to deal with the coke-snorting line cook. Unless, of course, he’s the only one who can work the egg station at Sunday brunch.”

Andrew talks about how being an addict as a teen impacted his career path. He talks about the comfort he found in a kitchen as well as the romantic qualities he found working in the restaurant world. And he talks about how restaurant kitchens can easily serve as places for addicts to hide out from the rest of the world.

“The bed is something I can overlook. How our son eats is how it’s going to be for a lifetime.”

Andrew he talks about how seeing that the changing media landscape and the food world would come together in potentially powerful ways led him to take some career risks. He talks about how being good at multiple aspects of the food world allowed him to build a varied career that didn’t rely on just one thing.

“Eating well in America is a Class privilege.”

Andrew speaks passionately and eloquently on the food issues facing American’s, and in particular American school children. He talks about wanting to raise awareness and push conversations about healthy relationships with food and realistic access to quality food.

“We do eat for pleasure in the Zimmern household.”

Plus, Andrew shares a bunch of fantastic recipes.

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