Andrew Simonet | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 149

Andrew Simonet

“We’re looking at building a movement, not a program.”

Andrew Simonet is a writer, artist, producer, documentary filmmaker, co-founder of Philadelphia’s Headlong Dance Theater, and founder and Director of Artists U.

In this episode of the podcast, Andrew talks about the assumption people make about others and how those assumptions inform how we think about ourselves. He talks about how he became a dancer and choreographer through sports, his transition from dancing all the time to being a writer and what role ambition can play in his and anyone’s art.

“I don’t want to talk about work/life balance with my kids. I want to talk about the circles of community that we’re a part of.”

Andrew speaks very openly about the difference between making his family his highest priority and making them his only priority. He talks about his book ‘Making Your Life As An Artist‘ and the idea of creating resources available for free as an investment in the creative community. And he talks about what he gets from the work he does serving other artists.


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