Adriana Zabala | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 141

Adriana Zabala as Hopeful Joanna“You sing what you are made to sing; physiologically, physically, and temperamentally.”

Adriana Zabala is a mezzo soprano opera singer but she’s also so much more. In this episode of the show, Adriana shares her very dramatic opera origin story. She also talks about her obsession with classical music as a young person and how it became a form of religion.

“I’m pretension personified.”

Adriana talks about traveling the world as a performer and about process of making work and teaching art. She shares stories of profoundly disagreeing with a friend about a piece of art or culture. And does a bit of breaking down how opera works.

Adriana also talks about raising her two girls to be art lovers and having a plan for when to share significant works of art with her daughters.

“We lived 50 miles outside of Houston and I needed season tickets to the Houston Symphony.”

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