Adler Guerrier | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 40


“Who am I, Who are my parents and grandparents, and who is this kid going to be?”

Visual Artist Adler Guerrier talks a lot about the use of text in his work as an offering as a point of entry to his audiences. He talks about how being multi-lingual informs his work and perspective. And about the problem of the English language in America losing its regionality.

Adler talks about how the unique cultural make-up of Miami makes a broad mix of cultural and ethnic ideas less exotic in the city.

“I don’t think art should be on the consumer level, it has to transcend that”

Adler talks about the struggle between the desire to not make art as pure product and the need for artists to make a living and survive.

“I want to communicate something. And I’m not totally sure what that is.”

Adler talks about becoming a dad at the same time as when he was starting to get his work into more galleries. And about how the importance of time, place, and focus in relation to his work was tremendously heightened by fatherhood. He also talks about how hi relationship with the past was made more pronounced by fatherhood.

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