Adam Levy | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 54

Adam Levy 2

“In some ways I’m doing what I wanted to do as a preadolescent”

Songwriter, Musician, Teacher and Honeydogs frontman Adam Levy talks about teaching songwriting and how to approach a career as a musician.  He talks about the work required of a bandleader, particularly when performing for an audience full of children who will not pretend to be interested. Adam talks about how his role changes depending on which band hes playing with and whether or not they are a heavily rehearsing band or one that doesn’t rehearse at all.

“For me it was very therapeutic to talk about his death”

Adam talks openly and thoughtfully about losing his young adult son, Daniel, to suicide. He talks about the outpouring from other people and their desire to share their own personal stories. Adam talks about the ongoing process for himself, Daniel’s mother, and his daughters of trying to comprehend their loss, how it happened and what it means to them.

Adam Levy 1

“On the one hand, we’re able to talk about mental health, but on the other people feel such great shame around the death of a child”

Adam talks about the horrible feeling of know your child is suffering and not being able to do anything to provide comfort or relief. He shares stories of trying to create a positive and stable environment where his son could find regular help and live a full life. Adam also talks about the gaps that exist in the treatment and understanding of mental health. As well as the stigma that still exists for people who suffer from mood or personality disorders.

“Songwriting has kind of inadvertently become a form of therapy for me”

Adam talks about how songwriting serves as a way to make sense of things that happen in his life. He talks about the transcendent power of music and how it can create moments of painlessness. He also talks about getting back on stage and performing after losing his son.

“The loss is just so profound, I deal with it everyday”

Adam talks about writing songs to keep his toddlers busy and entertained and how that eventually led to the band The Bunnyclogs. He talks about many of the songs being born out of inside family jokes and how that still somehow translated into something entertaining for larger audiences. And he talks about playing shows with his young daughters.

“If you’re going to add another stuffed animal do not neglect the stuffed animals you have”

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