Courtney Gerber | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 128

courtney gerber“Whoever is dealing with stress, that has to be their stress. You can’t take it with you.”

Courtney Gerber is a museum professional, doula, and human connection maker. In this episode, Courtney talks about working with organizations to develop ideas and connect with people to help make them stronger. She talks about her nearly 13 years of working in museums like the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Plus, Courtney shares how her being an only child informs how she parents her 3 year old and about why made her want to become a doula.

courtney gerber 2

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Camille Scheel | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 127

Camille Scheel“You wouldn’t have a plumber come to your house and tell them you only want to pay them half.”

Camille Scheel talks about coming home as a young person to discover her mother had purchased a Harp and how that led to a college Harp scholarship. She talks about selling ads for commercial and non-profit radio and how she viewed that work as a sort of storytelling. She also talks about how she’s comfortable with the commodification of art and creativity and how that impacts the ways she talks to her son and daughter about the things they like to do and the future they may have. Camille also shares openly the process of living with Cancer and writing a book about her experiences as a woman and mother with Cancer.


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Dawn Mikkelson | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 126

10897943_10153578496109045_5355157625803074019_n“I have wanted to be a parent since I knew that was a thing you could be.”

Dawn Mikkelson is an independent filmmaker, a television producer, an educator, and a mother to two young girls. In this episode of the podcast, Dawn talks about the art of interviewing people for both clients and for her own projects. She also talks about making decisions based on time and money rather than passion. Plus, she talks about wanting to be a role model for her girls.


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Brian Kiley | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 125

33a6c78d4d5683688ddfa3e1d5994944_400x400“It is nice to write a story and actually write something that’s more than seven words.”

Novelist, comic, and head monologue writer for the late night show Conan, Brian Kiley tells us how a joke writer ended up writing a novel. Brian talks about his path from writing jokes as a teenager to becoming a working standup comic to getting a job writing for Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Brian talks about being a dad to a college student and a high school student. Plus, Brian talks about largely working clean as a comic but not always knowing if he has a choice.

“My jokes have kind of morphed from ‘my wife doesn’t want to have sex with me’ to ‘my wife is trying to murder me.”


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Hannah Lynch | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 124

Photo by Hannah Lynch

Photo by Hannah Lynch

“I’m not very commercially motivated.”

Photographer, musician and all around creative person Hannah Lynch chats with Levi about where she first developed her interest in taking photos. Hannah also talks about songwriting and her love of performing music but also very physical stage fright. Hannah talks abouut her struggles with addiction and how that informs her decisions as a parent. Hannah also talks about struggling to make any of her art marketable. Plus, she talks openly about the difficulties of figuring out what’s the right thing to do for her son.

“When I was little, I would say I wanted to be an artist and I got really good feedback from my dad.”

hannah lynch logo

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Dennis Zerwas | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 123

unnamed-2“Anytime you can have someone that’s in front of you making fun of themselves, it takes the attention off the person getting their pictures taken.”

Photographer Dennis Zerwas joins us to talk about his start at a young age taking family portraits for a very high volume studio. He talks about working in photo development before the digital boom and about making the transition to digital photography and editing. Dennis also shares his love of northern lights photography and talks about how his sons tell him which pictures he can and can’t share.


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Wade Scheel | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 122

Wade Scheel plate“Right now it’s a struggle to make art and parent.”

Potter and visual artist Wade Scheel talks about making work for himself and making work for others. Wade talks about running his own art gallery with his wife, Camille, and having to recover after losing the gallery. He also talks very openly about being a husband and parent while Camille battles cancer. Plus, Wade shares the highs and lows of parenting a teenaged daughter.

“My wife has cancer, how much of this crap can I blame on that?”

You can support Camille Scheel’s indieGoGo campaign here: Camp Chemo: A Memoir of Life with Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Kenny Blumenfeld | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 121

Kenny Blumenfeld 1“When I’m afraid of something it means something big. It means I find something fascinating.”

Kenny Blumenfeld’s bio starts “There once was a boy who was terrified of thunderstorms…” Kenny is a weather expert, a weather researcher, a science communicator, a documentarian, storyteller, and writer. Kenny talks about unschooling, parenting after divorce, and sharing his sons’ love of rollercoasters. He also shares his journey from his early fear of weather to becoming obsessed and learning everything he could. Plus, he talks about the surprising accuracy of the tornado in the original Wizard of OZ movie.

“My mom would shriek when there was lightening.”

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Gina Sampaio | Pratfalls of Parenting ep 120

Gina Sampaio 2“Ever since I was young I wanted to be a mom and I sort of knew whatever else I would do would probably come later.”

Writer of the Sister Serendip blog and performer Gina Sampaio talks about being a stay-at-home mother of five. She talks about how she and her husband started out adopting one child and ended up adopting three children after giving birth to two biological children. Gina talks openly about the highs and lows of maintaining a relationship with her adopted children’s biological family and about being misquoted in the press. She also shares how being a victim of sexual assault impacts how and when she talks about complicated topics with her kids. Also, she’s really funny and great at telling stories.

Gina Sampaio

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Hillary Frank | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 119

Hillary_Frank_thumbnail_1_©richardfrank“I would hate for people to think of it as a ‘mommy’ podcast.”

The Longest, Shortest Time podcast creator and host Hillary Frank joins via the magic of Skype to chat about how she first recorded audio pieces into a cassette recorder with the help of Radio Shack and how that led to her producing work for This American Life. She talks about the not always beautiful magic of childbirth and shares how being home with a new baby made her want to create the show that has now become her full-time job. She also talks about being intentional in not creating a “mommy” podcast or a show that is just for and about parents.

“My day starts with driving her to preschool and some question inevitably leads to when are you going to die.”


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