Peter Clowney | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 110

peter clowney“What I really want to teach my kids is less focus on whether you’re best in the world at something and more on sticktoitiveness.” 

American Public Media Managing Director of National Content, Arts & Ideas programming Peter Clowney talks about his struggle with perfectionism and how different his son’s temperament is from the way he was as a child. He shares the joys of having a genetically related son and an adopted daughter and seeing how differently they approach the world but also how the connect with one another. Peter also talks about moments when the demands of his work made him feel like a sub-par parent and ways that his parenting experience informs the way he connects with colleagues or external collaborators.

“I learn a lot from the way my kid doesn’t really worry whether his teacher likes him or not.”

Peter talks a lot about getting into radio out of college and how different the landscape is now for people wanting to work in radio. He describes discovering at the first radio station he worked, WHYY in Philadelphia, that his curiosity and desire to tell people’s stories were rewarded with more work and more opportunities. And he shares how the deadlines that come with working in public radio really helped to beat the perfectionist out of him.

Stay Puft peter clowney

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Davis Senseman | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 109

Davis Senseman“Business owners, they’re kind of like kids.” 

Attorney Davis Senseman talks about how her decision to study law was heavily influenced by how much shorter law school would be over pursuing a phD. She talks about how stage fright kept her from performing but how presenting in front of groups as an attorney has become so common that she doesn’t have performance anxiety anymore. Davis talks openly about splitting with her partner, the mother of one of her boys, and how that separation was similar to dissolving a business partnership. Plus, she talks about how she has to communicate with teachers at the start of each school year so they understand how many mothers her sons have.

“It’s a really good deal to have a kid half of the time.”

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Samantha Baker Harris | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 108

Samantha Baker Harris 1“You spend a lot of money on babysitters and go do shit that doesn’t pay you because you love it and it feeds your soul.” 

Samantha Baker Harris is an actor, improviser, and academic advisor. On this episode of the show, she talks about creating and directing shows as early as 2nd grade. Samantha also talks about deciding to put more energy into writing songs and performing as a musician.

Samantha talks about why she considers her improv training to be another take on getting an advanced college degree. She also talks about how motherhood has impacted her work as a performer as well as her work as an academic adviser who has to understand the life of a non-traditional, working student.

 “Who needs a masters when I can direct a fringe show!”

Samantha Baker Harris 2

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Sarah White | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 107

pic by Elliot Light-Chaser Malcolm

Photo by Elliot Light-Chaser Malcolm

“They already have this weird perception of what an artist is that’s way different than I had when I was a kid.”

Musician and photographer talks about being a working mother while chasing her own ambition. Sarah talks about performing on Broadway with Donny Osmond. She talks about moving to New York to grow her career and why she ended up coming back to the Twin Cities.

Sarah talks about realizing the importance of treating her creative work as a business. She talks about raising two daughters and how she wants to be a role model in ways both personal and professional. And Sarah opens up about the challenges of working in the same creative space as her life partner and how they can collaborate but also feel competitive.

Plus, Sarah shares some thoughts about seeing her dad recently return to painting after decades of not.

“It’s okay if I’m not the same as all the other moms.”


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Jason Noer | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 106

Jason Noer

“When you preserve something, it’s stuck.”

Jason Noer aka B-Boy J-Sun talks about the history of Hip-Hop dance and why capturing and sharing that history is so important to him. He also talks about building community as an artist and as a parent. And Jason has a lot to say about the struggle to get B-boying respected by the broader dance and art community.

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Lindsey Hoskins | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 105

lindsey hoskins “It’s true, I do love talking about puberty!”

Sex communicator Lindsey Hoskins talks about teaching teens and parents about sex. She shares how motherhood has influenced her relationship to education and how it informs the way she connects with parents in her workshops. Lindsey talks about not wanting to be a performing but loving speaking and educating to large groups of people.

“I like to get up and be an expert on something and know what I’m talking about.”

Check out the work Lindsey is doing with Family Tree Clinic here!

Or support Lindsey’s fundraiser here!

Lindsey suggests books written by Robie Harris that you can share with your young people to investigate understandings of sex.

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Beth Loraine Bowman | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 104

Lorainne Beth Bowman“I don’t have anyone in my peer group that’s a single mother, that has 60 exhibitions and supports a household.”

Visual Artist Beth Loraine Bowman hangs out to talk about making large scale work at a relatively slow pace. She shares how formal art school created a foundation for her work even if it didn’t seem like a sensible investment to her family. Beth talks about how important having a day job is for her in being certain her son’s needs are met while still being able to keep making her art. And she talks about how she decides to use her time to invest in her work and her community.

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Anthony Newes | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 103

Anthony Newes

Anthony Newes (tony)

“Who knows when I really got interested in music, it was always there.”

Musician Anthony Newes talks about working on his collaboration with BK One under the name Bones and Beeker. He talks about how collaboration with other musicians is about building a relationship. He also talks about being the father of a one year old and how that’s impacted his schedule as a musician and how it’s impacted his relationship with his wife. Anthony also talks about wanting to play many different instruments and how he is always writing songs.

“I really want her to see me work and see me passionate about something.”

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Christin Croll Carlson | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 102

christin croll carlson“I feel about working motherhood the way Churchill talked about Democracy; it’s the worst possible system, except for all the others.”

Writer Christin Croll Carlson talks about writing a book while maintaining a full-time travel-heavy job as a medical sales representative and still being a present parent. Christin talks about the relationships with other working parents that drove her to write a book about being a working parent. She also talks about ways to get everything done in a day without losing one’s mind. Christin also shares the value of changing expectations and getting comfortable with things being less than perfect.

“You can love your children and take care of your children and you don’t have to be in every second of their breathing life to do that.”



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Rita Boersma | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 101

603092_10150842982122657_2053957290_n“What ever we do, I’ll find a way to be happy with it.”

Improviser Rita Boersma talks about getting back on stage to perform only a short time after giving birth and how her brain may not have been ready. Rita talks about her educational outreach work of teaching young people how to communicate and be kind. She shares how her years of improv prepared her in ways she didn’t even know to work in education and to work with people. She also talks about wanting to have parts of herself that aren’t about her job or being a mom.

“You need to quit being such a jerk.”


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