Lindsey Hoskins | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 105

lindsey hoskins “It’s true, I do love talking about puberty!”

Sex communicator Lindsey Hoskins talks about teaching teens and parents about sex. She shares how motherhood has influenced her relationship to education and how it informs the way she connects with parents in her workshops. Lindsey talks about not wanting to be a performing but loving speaking and educating to large groups of people.

“I like to get up and be an expert on something and know what I’m talking about.”

Check out the work Lindsey is doing with Family Tree Clinic here!

Or support Lindsey’s fundraiser here!

Lindsey suggests books written by Robie Harris that you can share with your young people to investigate understandings of sex.

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Beth Loraine Bowman | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 104

Lorainne Beth Bowman“I don’t have anyone in my peer group that’s a single mother, that has 60 exhibitions and supports a household.”

Visual Artist Beth Loraine Bowman hangs out to talk about making large scale work at a relatively slow pace. She shares how formal art school created a foundation for her work even if it didn’t seem like a sensible investment to her family. Beth talks about how important having a day job is for her in being certain her son’s needs are met while still being able to keep making her art. And she talks about how she decides to use her time to invest in her work and her community.

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Anthony Newes | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 103

Anthony Newes

Anthony Newes (tony)

“Who knows when I really got interested in music, it was always there.”

Musician Anthony Newes talks about working on his collaboration with BK One under the name Bones and Beeker. He talks about how collaboration with other musicians is about building a relationship. He also talks about being the father of a one year old and how that’s impacted his schedule as a musician and how it’s impacted his relationship with his wife. Anthony also talks about wanting to play many different instruments and how he is always writing songs.

“I really want her to see me work and see me passionate about something.”

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Christin Croll Carlson | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 102

christin croll carlson“I feel about working motherhood the way Churchill talked about Democracy; it’s the worst possible system, except for all the others.”

Writer Christin Croll Carlson talks about writing a book while maintaining a full-time travel-heavy job as a medical sales representative and still being a present parent. Christin talks about the relationships with other working parents that drove her to write a book about being a working parent. She also talks about ways to get everything done in a day without losing one’s mind. Christin also shares the value of changing expectations and getting comfortable with things being less than perfect.

“You can love your children and take care of your children and you don’t have to be in every second of their breathing life to do that.”



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Rita Boersma | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 101

603092_10150842982122657_2053957290_n“What ever we do, I’ll find a way to be happy with it.”

Improviser Rita Boersma talks about getting back on stage to perform only a short time after giving birth and how her brain may not have been ready. Rita talks about her educational outreach work of teaching young people how to communicate and be kind. She shares how her years of improv prepared her in ways she didn’t even know to work in education and to work with people. She also talks about wanting to have parts of herself that aren’t about her job or being a mom.

“You need to quit being such a jerk.”


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Esther Robinson | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 100

1800368_10202450339811133_682178632_n“For some artists, their primary mode of expression is their art practice and I fall just outside of that more traditional definition.” 

Documentary film director and producer and ArtHome Dot Org founder Esther Robinson calls in from New York to be the special guest on episode 100! Esther talks about building a career that doesn’t fit into any one description but is incredibly fulfilling. She discusses her work with ArtHome helping artists build stable financial lives while focusing on their work. She also talks about the process of adopting her son and how much having an open adoption and sharing motherhood with his other mother means to her.

“I medicate my need for a feedback loop by jumping my two worlds.” 


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Mark Lazarchic | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 99

maxresdefault“I’m convinced that your life is molded in Middle school.”

Performer and entrepreneur Mark Lazarchic talks about building things from the ground up. He shares how and why he takes risks with new business ideas and as a performer. Mark also talks about having open and frank conversations with his four children about the value of money and how the world works. And he shares how his daughter’s leukemia impacted the way he treats his employees.

“By the time I got to the fourth one it was like, let’s go, spray it off with a hose and let’s get home.”



Here’s a link to the TedX talk Mark mentions in this episode: Larry Smith: Why you will fail to have a great career.

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Stacy Schwartz | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 98


“It’s becoming much more difficult to shoot physical film but I much prefer that.” 

Photographer, event producer, and co-founder of Cake in 15 dot com, Stacy Schwartz sits down with Levi to talk about planning for new motherhood and feeling tired all the time. She also talks about wanting to expose her baby son to as many people as possible so that he’s comfortable out in the world. She also talks about working as a rock show photographer while pregnant versus before motherhood. And Stacy talks about trying to figure out how to still have her own life with a four month old. Plus, she talks about getting her law degree and how she approached that as a writer.

“Tort law is super fun because in every case someone loses an eye.”



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Amy Rea | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 97

amy rea

“How do I gracefully guide you without forcing you to do it?” 

Author of 10,000 Lakes and writer for WCCO dot com’s Wander Minnesota blog Amy Rea joins Levi to chat about going from being a travel agent to a professional writer. She shares stories of what it’s like to have a song graduating high school and another in college. And she talks about balancing work that pays with work you feel deeply passionate about.


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Jen Scott Again | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 96


“Being gone for 4 1/2 hours while you’re still breastfeeding is a challenge.”

Actor, writer, improviser, musician, and awesome person Jen Scott returns to talk about becoming a mother, moving to France, and not being afraid of change. Jen talks about how significantly her time has changed in motherhood but also about what has stayed the same. She talks about deciding to move her family to Paris for half a year and what that could mean for her creatively. And she shares her thoughts on risk and stability.

“I’m leaving this project and I maybe won’t be able to come back.”

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